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Full cold room services in Devon from KJR - premier dealers for Foster.

Cold Rooms for Businesses Across the South West

Cold rooms are essential for a range of businesses across the UK, including food production and processing factories, food distribution warehouses, and catering establishments. They are highly versatile, making them ideal for use within the food service, retail industry, butchers, and bakery sectors. The highly specialised equipment is designed to contain large quantities of chilled and frozen goods for commercial purposes. Upright fridges and freezers can prove costly to businesses, and so cold rooms are the perfect cost-effective solution for businesses looking to reduce expenses.

Protecting perishable goods is vital to any business within the food service industry. Devon cold rooms can make a huge difference and save food from spoiling. Walk-ins and cold rooms allow you to keep perishable goods for longer and continue serving your clientele. Here at KJR, we work closely with our customers to ensure that every industry-standard cold room we create fits your needs perfectly. Interested in learning more? Get in touch for a free quote now.

Essential within the foodservice industry, walk-ins and cold rooms are the perfect solution for businesses looking to protect perishable goods in bulk. At KJR we pride ourselves on delivering industry-standard cold rooms to meet your needs. Get in contact now to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

The Different Types of Cold Rooms

What might suit one business may not suit yours. Cold rooms can be as varied as your business needs, so you have come to the right place if you are looking for a custom cold room in Devon. At KJR, we are experts in cold rooms and offer two types for you to choose from: modular and bespoke.


Modular cold rooms are most commonly used within the food industry. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them excellent choices for busy restaurants. These large scale cold rooms keep perishable food and drink items safe using panels and insulation materials. Ideal for commercial use, the standard-sized panels can be joined together to create storage to fit your space.

There are two options on refrigeration equipment for modular rooms: integral, where the system is placed within the room, or remote equipment, where the condensing unit is housed externally. Depending on the space you have available, you may prefer one method over the other.


If you have specific requirements for your cold room in Devon, a bespoke cold room is better for you. They can be adaptable to fit into your desired space or can be crafted for large capacities. Designed to be any shape or space, they give you the adaptability you need. Commercial building services consultants often find that this is the type of cold room they need, as they can fit any space with ease. At KJR, we will work with you to ensure the bespoke cold room we create is perfect for your business needs.

Devon Cold Room Services Available from KJR

We are refrigeration, air conditioning, and cold room experts in Devon, supplying businesses in the Southwest with a range of solutions to fit their needs. At KJ Refrigeration, we offer cold room and full turnkey services from start to finish. From the design of your bespoke cold room and installation through to maintenance, you know that you are in safe hands with KJR.


Our dedicated team of cold room specialists will help you perfect the design of your new cold room to fit your desired space. As experts in cold rooms, they will help you decide whether you need a bespoke cold room or a modular cold room. With our extensive experience, we can design the right solution for your business.


When you purchase a cold room in Devon for your business from KJR, we will install it for you. Once the design has been agreed upon, we will then meet you at your premises. Our engineers will install your cold room in accordance with the plan and to your specific business requirements.

Maintenance & Repairs

At KJR, we want you to have the best experience possible, which is why your cold room purchase doesn’t end once it has been installed. We will continue to discuss your future cold room servicing needs to make sure your new room is running as it should be. We will arrange routine maintenance with you to ensure the maximum lifespan for your cold room.

All of our engineers are fully accredited and we offer a 24-hour call-out service. If your cold room breaks down or isn’t running as it should be, call us and we will be there to fix the problem.

Our Trusted Partners and Suppliers

We work with our suppliers, Williams and ISD Solutions, to create your cold room solutions. We are also premier dealers for Foster.
KJ Refrigeration are premier dealers for Foster
ISD Solutions Refrigeration supplier
Williams Refrigeration supplier


Most frequent questions and answers
Cold rooms go by many names, so you might know them as walk-ins. They are designed to keep perishable goods and products cold or frozen to help prolong their lifespan and reduce waste. Typically used in the food service industry, they might also be used by commercial building services and distribution companies.

Cold rooms are often seen as refrigerators on a much larger scale. Using evaporators and condensers, they will transfer the heat outside of the unit to keep the air inside cool or cold, depending on your needs. They can easily be adjusted depending on what it is that you are storing and the ideal temperature you require.

Cold rooms can be anywhere between +15°C and -40°C, depending on your business needs. the temperature can be adjusted easily, making it simple for you to adapt the temperature for the type of product or length of time needed to store it.

Cold rooms can be a variety of sizes, depending on the business requirements. You can purchase everything from small service rooms to full distribution cold stores and everything in between. The best cold room services in Devon will help you create a bespoke cold room to fit your needs and the space available.
Cold rooms keep perishable goods cold or frozen, depending on your needs. Often seen in the food industry, they are not exclusively used purely by this sector. Clinics, hospitals, and other businesses within the medical profession use them to keep medication safe, while electronic companies use them to lower temperatures during the manufacturing process.

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